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Please note: Local residents and companies that would like to drop off materials to be shredded may do so between the hours of 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM, Monday through Friday at our Mylan Park location.

For West Virginia State government customers, document and media destruction services are on the WVARF statewide contract for mandatory commodities and services.


PACE workers are thoroughly background checked and trained in their work.


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PACE Shredding is a state-of-the-art, plant-based confidential and secure information destruction business that provides a wide array of services designed to make it easier for you to protect the information most critical to you, your customers and your employees. In addition, we help you meet the strict compliance requirements for protecting confidential information. Shredding services we provide include:

  • Needs assessment:a security professional will provide a consultation to uncover your document management needs to determine the best alternative in shredding services. 
  • Container and size:During the initial assessment of shredding needs, our security professionals will determine the optimal container size and placement. Containers are free!
  • Regular service: Onsite shredding containers are serviced at regular intervals by a PACE Shredding Representative to ensure timely destruction of sensitive documents and records. 
  • Proof of service:Barcode tracking provides detailed service tracking. A certificate of destruction is provided once shredding is completed.
  • Recycling: PACE Shredding recycles all shredding paper documents as a part of our commitment to improving the environment.


At PACE, we believe there are many benefits to shredding documents, especially the information-sensitive ones. Benefits include:

Having a peace of mind: Business owners and their managers can cultivate a piece of mind knowing that their sensitive information is being properly destroyed.


Compliance: Businesses and companies such as hospitals that deal with sensitive information need a safe and compliant way of discarding printed out information. At PACE, we have the NAID AAA certification. Having this certification can help a business decrease their risk of a security breach.

Decrease in tasks for employees: Instead of having employees spend their time shredding documents, PACE gives you the ability to store the documents that need to be destroyed in a secure lockbox that our employees pick up.

Environmental Friendly: Instead of sending your documents to the landfill, PACE gives you the ability to destroy and recycle paper at the same time.


PACE Shredding listens to you and together we design an information destruction program specific to your needs. The right containers, in the right sizes and the right quantities, placed in your facilities and exchanged on a schedule that best fits your needs. We will meet with you so we know what needs to be done, give you a quote, set a schedule and arrive on schedule to pick up and destroy the information. Leave the rest to us.

PACE believes everyone can work and puts that in motion with PACE Shredding.

Through our shredding services, you can expect:

PACE shall provide the number and sizes of locked secured containers and distribute the containers to various locations as determined by service request form at no cost for the container. PACE may substitute larger containers at the same price.

The number of containers at locations; their size and distribution at various offices, as well as the frequency of services, may change upon spending unit request in accordance with its needs as documented by service request form. Container size is subject to availability.

PACE shall provide personnel to install the containers and familiarize employees with the customized destruction schedule.

Containers shall remain PACE’s property.

All PACE personnel involved in the shredding process have background and drug checks to be able to handle confidential documents.

PACE shall maintain a complete confidential destruction process in accordance with NAID best practices.

PACE shall provide evidence that all material has been destroyed.

PACE shall guarantee protection from misuse of documents designed for destruction, and shall be liable for disclosure of confidential information contained in the documents to other parties.


PACE containers come in various different sizes depending on our customer’s needs. Our security professionals will discuss with you what your needs may be.



The NAID AAA Certification is a voluntary certification program for companies providing information destruction services (shredding). This program was developed by information security professionals that are recognized nationally. Through this certification and the NAID program, members who receive the certification will be audited for mobile and plant-based facilities for paper and printed documents. NAID certifies the qualifications of the certified facilities through cohesive and comprehensive scheduled and unannounced auditing. This certification process supports the needs of organizations nationally by helping them meet the abundance of regulations required to protect their customer’s information. These regulations and laws include:

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) provides data privacy and security functions to keep medical information safe. Companies run the risk of a security breach when handling customer’s sensitive information. Working with NAID AAA certified facility can decrease this risk.

Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACTA) Final Disposal Rule requires companies to destroy all customer information before it can be thrown away.

FACTA Red Flag Rules requires that audits be made for any companies who have access to customer’s personal information.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.

No longer do you need to worry about the destruction of your sensitive documents. We have earned the AAA certification through NAID and proudly offer our customers the highest quality document shredding solution.


Recycling and destroying sensitive documents with PACE is simple.

PACE Shredding recycles all documents.PACE Shredding recycles all documents.

1. The sensitive documents are placed in a locked container.

2. Trucks are deployed to collect containers.

3. Materials (under lock and human guard) are transported to our secure shredding facility.

4. In the shredding room, documents are commingled so final baled material can not be reconstructed.

5. Confidential documents are shredding to 5/16” stripped and baled.

6. After baling, all materials are released to a paper mill for pulping and recycling.

7. Then, we issue a certificate of destruction.

Contact our Shredding Sales office at (304) 376-0036 to arrange a needs assessment to make sure your information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.