What is PACE Enterprises?

PACE helps people with disabilities find independence and community participation through gainful employment. PACE operates several businesses that employ people with disabilities and also works with other businesses to find placement for workers.

PACE is licensed as a Community Rehabilitation Program and a Behavioral Mental Health Center, which means that all programs are following regulations through regular audits and inspections.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone with a documented disability. About 225 people with differing ability levels have found gainful employment through PACE. There’s a place for you.

Disabilities range in severity level and type but include intellectual or developmental disability (IDD), sensory, medical, physical, and/or emotional. Individuals may have a disability from birth or have acquired the disability through an accident, medical problem, or other life-changing events.

What do PACE participants do?

Our vocational and rehabilitation experts assist families and their loved ones in achieving a career goal by walking them through our proven process:

Step 1: A person with a disability comes to PACE and is evaluated and counseled to determine talents and aspirations. Potential jobholders are given aptitude tests to determine what careers might best suit the individual’s talents and interests.

Step 2: Training and other supports are provided to polish the individual’s unique talents and overcome obstacles. Following an evaluation, a personalized training plan is developed to teach skills necessary for workplace success.

Step 3: Finally, the person is either introduced to a local employer or is employed in one of PACE’s business opportunities. Individuals work with the help of PACE staff to make sure success is accomplished.

How are PACE staff trained?

Every member of PACE Vocational Services participates in ongoing training. This includes the basics like CPR and first aid but goes more in-depth into topics like ethics, best practices in rehabilitation, and training on specific workers’ needs.

At what time should high school students contact PACE?

PACE is open to talking to students at any time during their last two years of high school (juniors & seniors). The earlier we get involved, the better, but there is no deadline.

For students in their last year of high school, Project SEARCH provides real-life work experience combined with training in employability and independent-living skills to help young people with significant disabilities make successful transitions to productive adult life.

What kinds of jobs can a PACE participant expect?

Through the evaluation process, the PACE Vocational Services team works with the individual, looking at ability and matching that ability with goals and available options. There are no guarantees and every person finds his or her own path.

Many people who come to PACE find good jobs in:
· Custodial Services
· Grounds Maintenance
· Document Shredding
· Office Tasks
· Food Service

What does a typical day look like?

Like any other workplace, each person has a different experience. For many, though, the workday starts with a short training session that deals with issues that can come up in the workplace. Then, participants report to their job, often with a job coach, and begin fulfilling their duties. Most of the time, the job coach serves as a lead worker and shows rather than tells proper work techniques.For some, it’s a full workday, others work part-time.

Is there a fee to participants?

No fees to participants. PACE works with the WV Division of Rehabilitation Services, Medicaid Waiver, and private funding to support services to participants.

Will it impact benefits like Social Security?

Community Work Incentive Coordinators are available to meet with you, if you receive Social Security benefits and want to work. C-WICs will:
· provide information about how work will change your benefits
· answer questions about starting or going back to work
· inform you of the many choices available and let you make the decisions

It’s about dignity, friendships, pride in accomplishment. Having a job helps people to see that they are significant.

Is transportation available?

In many situations, we can help with transportation. PACE intake staff will work with you to find a plan that works. We work with local transit systems and operate a limited van system. Some caregivers elect to provide their own transportation.

Where is PACE Enterprises located?

889 Mylan Park Lane

1225 Country Club Road

119 Liberty Street

1309 Hansford Street

To participate at any of these locations, call the main number at 304-983-7223 or email info@paceenterprises.org. Tell us a little about your situation and our intake staff will help you through the process. You’re not alone.